Accessories for Floating Docks

High Water Poles

Our brushed aluminum High Water Poles add additional height for your Port to float up and down when connected to a fixed dock or seawall, in the event that your water rises higher than your fixed attachment point. They're not only attractive - they add a place to grip for climbing off and on your Port.

These work with YakPorts, Xpress Ports, and XL6 Ports. Not compatible with Xpress Step. Options: 16" or 36".

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PermaPort Xpress Accessories

Permaport Xpress Walkway

The Walkway attaches between the middle of two Xpress, or can go on the outside of one, for additional walking space around your PWC.

  • Width: 20"
  • Length: 136"
  • Height: 14"
  • Color Options: Tan or Gray

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Permaport Xpress Step / Hardware Cover

The Xpress Step covers the attachment hardware, leaving your installation with a clean, finished look.

  • Color Options: Tan or Gray

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YakPort Accessories

YakPort Roto Grab Bars (Pair)

The Roto Grab Bars can be used with or without the Roto Grab Bar Overhead Assist. The Roto Grab Bars attach to the YAKport Kayak Launch and make getting on and off the launch easier.

  • Color Options: Tan, Gray (Special Order: Black, Dark Gray, Blue - extra fees may apply)

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YakPort Overhead Assist Grab Bar

Add the aluminum Overhead Assist Grab Bar to the Roto Grab Bars to make getting in and out of your kayak easier.

Boat Port Accessories

Front Attachment Kit

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This foam-filled front attachment kit will extend the length of your dock by 5 feet. This additional piece will give you plenty of room to walk around in the front. The kit include 1 front attachment, 2 structure plugs, 2 washers, bolts, and UHMW blocks.


Buoyancy Booster

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The XL buoyancy booster is used to add an additional 150lbs of floating in the back of the boat port. This product is ideal for boats that have a heavy motor in the back.



Hot Dipped Galvanized "Z" Bracket Kit

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The hot dipped galvanized “Z” bracket kit is the most cost effective way to attach your watercraft dock to your floating or fixed dock. It's also the strongest attachment kit we offer for boat ports.


4" External Pipe Holder Kit

The polyethylene 4" pipe bracket allows your float to adjust to changing water levels. The pipe hole will fit schedule 40 4" PVC pipe. This kit is designed for fixed dock installation and is highly recommended for side mount installation.


External Pipe Holder Side Mount Attachment Kit (combination kit of Z Brackets and External Pipe Holders)

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This kit is the strongest side mount attachment kit available for the boat ports. This polyethylene kit includes one Short “Z” bracket kit and a 4” external pipe holder kit.


Attachable Bow Stop

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The attachable bow stop is made with heavy duty polyethylene. The one piece V-style bow stop will protect your boat while loading. This bow stop includes a built-in tie loop.


Bow Roller

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The Bow Roller angles your watercraft and causes less friction with the keel roller, allowing for easier loading and launching of your boat.



Link Plugs

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These strong polyethylene link and support plugs are used with various attachments to lock attachments to the float. Each support plug is supplied with 1 plug, 1 UHMW block, and 1 hex bolt with washer.


"Double" Link Kits

Buy Double Link Kits

"Double" link kits are designed for side and front mount installation. This product is designed for fixed or floating docks. This kit includes 2 links, 4 plugs, 4 bolts, 4 washers, and 4 UHW Blocks.


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