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Carolina Waterworks Dock Floats

We offer the most advanced line of easily installed dock floats with the maximum lift capacity for the waterfront resident, boaters, and marinas.

Our floats are constructed of thick-walled rotationally molded polyethylene shell that encapsulates expanded polystyrene - the finest flotation material. The thick polyethylene shell is impact resistant and will also resist damage from marine life. The expanded polystyrene has 1–1.5 lb. density and will pass a 5% maximum absorption test. The thick walled plastic float case is packed with EPS that is environmentally approved and exceeds all new government regulations.

CWI Floats have 8 Attachments (on 12” & 18” Centers) except for 4'x 6' Floats that have 10 Attachments

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Dock Floats in Destin - carolina waterworks quality floating docks - by Florida Docks

Dock Floats in Destin - permafloats quality floating docks - by Florida Docks

Permafloat Dock Floats

Permafloat® Dock Floats are premium-quality, durable, and can be easily attached to nearly any new or existing wood, steel, or aluminum dock system. Cellofoam rotationally molds each Permafloat® with a nominal 0.150 inch thick walls using virgin polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors to make the floats extra durable to withstand damage from harsh marine environments.

Permafloat® Dock Floats are filled with expanded polystyrene foam for superior buoyancy, and the rugged shell encapsulates the foam to protect the marine environment. The floats are suitable for both residential and commercial applications, and are backed by a 15-year limited manufacturer warranty.

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